designed in 2014 | competition for IDEAS FOR TRADITIONAL SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE IN KUJAWY LANDSCAPE | designed by

The traditional layout of the hut from the Kujawy area (northern Poland) - with a huge chimney in the middle of the ground floor and two (or more) rooms separated by main entrance served as the inspiration for planning the functional dependencies between individual components of the day zone. The designed hearth in the middle of living room is supposed to refer with its shape and location to the traditional countryside stove. It is located on the border of three functional zones (kitchen, dining room and living room) so that its heat radiates evenly in all directions, concentrating family life around itself. The smoke shaft of the furnace is led out through a two-storey living room over the roofs of the building. The heat generated in the furnace also serves the bedrooms located on the second floor, adjacent directly to the smoke shaft. In this way, the heat energy generated in the furnace is used to the maximum extent to heat the largest possible volume.