designed in2013 | built in 2014 - 2015 | located in OTWOCK | team KATARZYNA IWAŃCZUK, MIKOŁAJ IWAŃCZUK, MICHAŁ KEMPIŃSK | financed by PRYIVATE INVESTOR | built by PRACOWNIA STOLARSKA KULA

Single family house in Otwock was designed for 4-members family basing on ready-made project “Avalon” by Lipinscy. Commision included complete interior design as well as aestheticization of the exterior of the building. Main exterior parametres of the house were left untouched, although roof was slightly simplified, different material were applied and both east and west facades were given individual character by using wooden vertical elements. Because of the beautiful localization of the building in the middle of the forest all openings in the ground floor were maximized. One of the priority of the investor was to make the building as energetically self sufficient as only possible which determined many of interior solutions and led to appliance of the heat pump as a main source of heating among other things.

As for the interior of the building the main goal in design process was to “liberate” the ground floor from all unnecessary constructions elements such as pillars to secure the feeling of openness. In addition an extra space for work and leisure was created in a sort of mezzanine connected with main space of livingroom. Thanks to the use of big floor-to-ceiling openings the interior of the building is fully integrated with beautiful exterior.