project 2017 | built in 2018 | located in Cracow | team KATARZYNA IWAŃCZUK, MIKOŁAJ IWAŃCZUK | surface 67,00m2 |

The quarter in which the flat is located is a combination of Kraków's modernism and post-war construction in the spirit of socialist realism. The design goal, apart from adapting the apartment to the needs of future residents, was also to recreate the spirit of these styles in the interior, which have definitely been lost as a result of renovations and reconstructions over the last 50 years. The project included a general renovation of the flat, including replacement of floors and a change of the function of the rooms. Although it was necessary to replace the joists and make new screeds, it was possible to save the original beech parquet. The project assumed to preserve as much as possible original elements of the interior, hence the decision to leave cast-iron radiators and window sills made of terrazzo.

Originally, the flat consisted of three rooms and a small kitchen. To create a more functional interior, it was decided to move the kitchen and open it to the living room, creating a spacious living area, including a place for a sitting area, a large dining table and kitchen with the island. Thanks to the addition of a small, though capacious pantry, it was possible to dispense with the upper kitchen cabinets, and hang in their place an elegant dresser from the 50's. This treatment made the kitchen, though open, seem more discreet.

In the original layout of the flat, the toilet and bathroom were separate rooms, but their small surfaces meant that none of them was really functional. After their combination, we managed to obtain a functional space that accommodated all the necessary equipment and appliances, which also contained space for a large shower with an area of 140x75cm. The individual furniture was selected with great care. They were searched for in various epochs and styles, hence such connections as a veneered, oval table from the 1950s and typical scandinavian chairs (imported, together with stools to the island from Finland) or characteristic of the PRL era so called club seats covered with a new velor fabric. As a backdrop to the vintage elements, of course, there are IKEA furniture, such as a comfortable, neutral sofa or large wardrobes.

Apartment before the renovation.