project 2018 | completion planned for 2019 | located in Cracow | team KATARZYNA IWAŃCZUK, MIKOŁAJ IWAŃCZUK | surface 66,00m2 |
visualisations Szymon Różański www.rozanski.net.pl

The flat is located on the Osiedle Szkolne in the historic part of Cracow's Nowa Huta. The architecture of the building in which the flat is located, erected at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s is full of original details and formal solutions - some of them were reflected in the interior design of the apartment.

The layout of the apartment has remained unchanged except for the correction of some door openings. It was also decided to widen the entrance between the living room and the corridor, thanks to which a larger, better illuminated space was obtained. As a result, a part of the already dead corridor has received a new function in the form of a small office, with a desk and workstation.

The master bedroom adjoins directly to the living. The door between the living room and the aforementioned bedroom received a different, more decorative character reminiscent of the shape and materials used (mullions in a dark color) in the historical storefronts at Plac Centralny in Nowa Huta.

The main decoration of the apartment are carefully selected paintings and furniture. The whole is complemented by color applications on the living room and bedroom walls. The original beech parquet has been preserved in the apartment. It was completed with the new parts where required due to damages occurred over decades, and then recycled. In the corridor, bathroom and kitchen a new floor was made of high quality impregnated concrete.

Furniture in the living room and bedrooms have different origins and history - some of them were bought after long research in commissions and antique stores, others are relatively cheap furniture bought in Ikea, others were ordered specially from various stores. In the end, we managed to create an interesting set of original furniture not exceeding the tight budget imposed by clients.

Apartment before the renovation.