designed in 2011 | honorable mention in Architektura Murator magazine competition - PICNIC IN THE TOWN | designed by KATARZYNA IWAŃCZUK, AGNIESZKA FUJAK

The main idea was to create an object that will be a pretext for spontaneous picnicing in the city and through its multifunctionality will not be called the "product of one role". It adapts easily to a specific, busy and unpredictable urban lifestyle, because it is meant to be an everyday-use item rather than just one more gadget.

The green patch [sTrawek], in the form of a universal bag, will accommodate all the elements necessary for picnicing, and when unfolded it becomes a comfortable mat for seating or laying down. The design gives to anyone the opportunity to freely choose a place to picnic, one can lay out sTrawek on a wet bench, a paved city square or a lawn. sTrawek gives opportunity to freely combine any number of elements using naps to create a common urban meadows.

The bag is made of two basic materials: external layer with waterproof properties and inner layer imitating natural grass. The upper, waterproof material allows to lay down sTrawek in almost every possible weather conditions and on every surface, and the thickness of both layers provides very good insulation, for example from cold ground.