designed in 2013 | competition for IDEAS FOR REARRANGEMENT OF NARUTOWICZA SQUARE | located in WARSAW


Narutowicza square serves currently as an important transport hub. Its dominating function caused the public space to deteriorate gradually in time and almost completely lose its human dimension. The main goal of this design proposal was to clean up as much surface as possible of its technical, transport function and subsequently turn it into livable, attractive public space. A newly recuperated area surrounded by valuable pre-war architecture gives almost unlimited possibilities of reuse.

The main attraction in the square working as a magnet luring both residents of local districts and people from all over the city is multifunctional community center nicknamed “Loop”. Its name, localization, architecture and the way it functions make a direct reference to the place’s past heritage, marked visibly by the presence of trams and train transportation in general.

“Loop” consists of a number of small, independent volumes distributed along common, longitudinal roof - their size and architectural language is meant to reflect tram compartments. Each of these “compartments” is composed of large prefabricated elements (7,2x7,2m) which can be easily assembled and dismantled according to the current needs - similarly as it happens in tram depot. “Compartments” host various functions depending on needs of the users - from workshops of different type to art gallery and cafe.

An important part of new community center is a system of movable seats using existing rails as a guideways. They can be used depending on current need either as a comfortable bench,a functional counter during flea-market or sort of a platform for artistic expression.